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Foreign Trekker gone missing?

Hiring Search & Rescue Teams of SAR DOGS NEPAL
how does this work?

SEARCH & RESCUE IS AN URGENT AFFAIR!  Do not hesitate with forwarding details of a missing person for free publishing here!

Forward to us your missing person's details such as Nationality, arrival date in Nepal, known plans for trekking areas, recent photograph,
date of birth, passport number and any other descriptions available. We will activate our far reaching international network.by publishing
a fund raising call on behalf of the missing persons family and friends on Twitter, on Facebook and in International Trekkers forums.
This is a service we give free of any costs, no matter whether you want to employ our SAR Dog Teams or not.
Our fundraising friends will help to bring down the costs of your search and rescue operation significantly!

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 Updated on February 1, 2015

SAR DOGS NEPAL has a standby logistic expert team of senior and junior Search & Rescue Dog Handlers

who know all trekking paths and the common mountain passes of Nepal very well.
They have performed many search and rescue missions since over two decades

how to hire sar team

Our SAR Dogs are certified “wilderness search & rescue mission ready” by authorized examiners from Germany and the Netherlands.
Once these dogs are on a particular person’s scent trail, they will follow it until the location of that person has been found or wherever that trail ends up.
The earlier the dogs are called to a location from where the missing person was seen last, or had previously announced which trail he/she was planning to do, the better are our dogs performances and abilities to book result.
The most ideal search tool would be a scent article that belongs to the missing person. From past search parties we know that many of the missing trekkers leave some utensils, clothes or valuables behind in the safety locker of their hotel, where they were staying before their trek.
If such a scent article is available to our SAR Dog teams this will increase the chance to be found for a missing person to almost 85 %, if the search will be conducted within the first month of missing. After that, a scent article becomes of lesser value and other techniques are used to let the dogs search for any people that may be around in the target area. If the time has passed too long, say more than 7 weeks and up to 9 months and a missing person is feared to be dead, we also have special trained cadaver dogs, who can find any human remains, to be collected for forensic lab DNA tests.

Very often there is another article found along the trail that may be discarded by a missing person, such as a paper handkerchief, a piece of wrapping paper for trekking rations, trekking food bar, used toilet paper, a particular brand of medicine, habitual known chewing gum or sweet etc. We can make our dogs accept this as a scent article and they can follow the trail of the person who left this behind. It is very useful if we know what kind of food, chewing gum or cigarette brand etc. the missing person prefers to use and is expected to carry. In one case we found the trail of a missing person who discarded a medicine container for a particular asthma medicine. Every hint about what to look for is welcome to us by the relatives of the missing person.

If there is a scent article available at a hotel it should be retrieved by a relative or a consulate official in a way that it does not get touched with bare hands. It has to be picket up with rubber gloves or a neutral tool and placed into an air tight container or plastic bag that can be zipped or sealed with a rubber band etc. Ideal items are precious ornaments like earrings or bracelets, that the person would not like to wear to avoid losing it while trekking, a piece of cloth, a driving license or other document, air ticket, a leather purse, a souvenir...anything small.

A most recent photograph of the missing person should be provided to us for the purpose to make a Nepalese language flyer that describes the missing person, the trekking area and a reward of Nepalese Rupees 50,000 (approx. 500 USD) for any local person who can give us the clue that leads to the rescue or recovery of the missing person. This flyer or poster will be distributed to the villages in the target area by our own staff.

Likewise an English language flyer will be made and distributed at trekking lodges and tourism hubs & viewpoints to ask the help from other trekkers.

Social Media like Facebook & Twitter will be used to mobilize anyone who is trekking in Nepal to lend us support and information’s.

Copyright: All photographs that are made by or staff during a search party bear the copyright of SAR DOGS NEPAL (NFP) and news services or press releases have to get permission by electronic mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and have to pay common royalties in order to publish any articles about the search progress. Websites and media that do fundraising to support financing of a search party may use photographs that we select for them on request for free, provided that they mention in a caption above each set of photographs:

© sardogsnepal (permission is needed to use this photograph)


Gharepatan 17, Pokhara, Nepal
Mobile: 00 977 9846025679··· Mr. Jit Bahadur Masrangi Magar, E-mail: via website contact only http://www.sardogsnepal.asia


After receiving a call for help and a brief description of the case, our Secretary or Squad Leader will arrive at the Consular Section of the Embassy involved. Client may also visit our Office in Pokhara for briefing instead.

A Search Contract must be drafted and then signed by the Client, detailing his or her personal financial responsibility for all of the following:
Transport by road or by Helicopter has to be decided by the client.
The client agrees that a Bus, jeeps or airlift and Shuttle Helicopter flight(s) from our base location to the target area is considered Day One of the search operation.
Transport by road or airlift and Shuttle Helicopter flight(s) back to our base location from the target area once the search action is declared over is called last day of the search operation.
The Client agrees to pay for the loss of life of any of our highly trained Search and Rescue Dogs during the search party.
- A sum of EURO 2000 per lost SAR dog, payable to SAR DOGS NEPAL (P) NFP

The Contract will commence when the first Batch has left our base in Gharepatan 17, Pokhara, Kaski District by road or helicopter and will terminate when the last Batch has arrived back at our base.
Next step is mobilization that may take up to two full days and is considered to be payable working days!:
When a person is reported missing, SAR DOGS NEPAL will dispatch all available teams and dogs as per our own insight and needs, depending on the remoteness of the target area. The team members and dogs are will be call for briefing, health check for the dogs, supply shopping and for organizing the transport to the target area by land or by air.

The Client may choose to monitor the on-going Search Action or may send for another person of his/her own choice along with the search party. Beware that it is a tough job and that person should be fit and healthy. The observer may stay in the base camp that will be erected in the target area or join the search and follow the instructions of the squad leader. The Client reserves the right to announce cancellation of the Search Contract at any time, provided that all outstanding fees are paid to-date when the Rescue Team(s) have arrived back to their base.
If the contract has to be made with an Embassy instead, then the Consular Officer in Charge of the Embassy that certifies the Clients nationality should sign and seal the Contract for Witness.

The tariff for our Rescue Team as described above includes and covers the following:

Includes all transport by jeeps, taxis or buses (except for helicopter or domestic airplane travel! That is NOT covered and has to be paid directly to the airline or helicopter service company by the client)
Includes the wages of recruited local helpers, scouts and hunters in the target area (usually local personnel who know the area very well will always be hired everywhere to assist us during a search party)
Includes all food supply, lodging and restaurant dining for the search teams, their dogs and their helpers.

The rate for hiring SAR DOGS NEPAL Search Party is set at EURO 800 per day.
In order that sufficient food stock may be carried and any necessary updates made to our existing rescue equipment, a non-refundable advance payment equivalent to 5 full-days hire is required, regardless whether a missing person is found earlier than these first 10 days.

The contract is automatically extended for another payable 10 days advance if the client does not inform us on day 9 that he/she wishes to end the search party. Average out of experience we know that combing out a trekking area and search it properly, this usually may take more than 2 weeks up to a full month depending on the size and length of a trekking route. Payment has to be updated during the second running search period of another ten days and only after this 20 days, if any portions of a area left to search the modus of operations will switch to a so called “day to day payment counting.”

It is advised to start fundraising in the social media right from the beginning for those clients who have not enough financial means for a full-blown search and rescue operation. Especially Helicopter search and dropping is very costly in Nepal! The charges for flights to remote areas can be as much as 2500 USD per hour and most flights to a target area last minimum 2 to 3 hours!

An alternative method of initiating a missing persons search would be to begin by allowing SAR DOGS Nepal’s experienced investigators to perform discrete data and intelligence collection on client’s behalf.

This method can provide essential input into deciding whether the deployment of any Rescue-Dog team is absolutely necessary.
This service includes, amongst other things, conducting relevant surveys (i.e. media and other information searches) and allows our investigators to enter a target area on foot in order to gather relevant facts.

The tariff for such a 'pre-Rescue-Dog-Squad' investigation - comprising a team of (three) investigators - is EURO 350 per day, payable in advance for a minimum of 10-days work. (price includes all expenses and is exclusive of travel expenses by air) Such an inquiry team can be hired without involving any Consulate or Embassy.
However, it is strongly recommended that the appropriate foreign mission is approached and informed before such an investigation is undertaken.

Jit Bahadur Masrangi Magar
Executive Director

Download the Contract Form here:SAR Contract Form


Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal. Not For Profit that trains young Nepalese to search for missing people.


Gharepatan 17,  Pokhara Nepal
Mobile No: +977 9856025679, +977 9816635127

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