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                                                                                                              Dog Trainning
The Germans used the word Kynology to describe an "open non - recognized science" field  of studies
belongs to the living sciences group and never seems to end.  Often this leads to great confusion amongst modern dog trainers and handlers.

Not everything one reads about the subject is based on sound studies or practise. Shouting, beating, even only threatening a dog is the best way to SPOIL it and he will become extremely unreliable for the serious
work of search and rescue.

More and more new and often surprising dog abilities are discovered along the way. Man's "best friend" in
the Animal Kingdom has been used and misused since ancient times; as a dog of war,
a hunting partner
a caretaker and guard of man's property.
All this for a bit of share of man's food and for providing a safe shelter.

Yet dogs were always weary of humans. They could never trust them for a 100 % and many dogs ended up
by being part of the menu in a cooking pan. A practice that still even happens in a
few remote parts of
Nepal, China, Cambodia and God knows where else.

The Science of Dogs Behaviorism and dogs adaptation to the World of Man may have started
with the  "Dog of Russian IVAN PAVLOV".  

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 - 1936) the famous physiologist from Ryazan in Russia tried to bring
this strange bedfellow-ship into chart for further studies and received the
Nobel Price for Physiology of
1904 for his work.

Pavlov did the first extended research on dogs, their Nervous System, their physiognomy and the dogs psyche.
He is mostly remembered for his theory and practice of what is called  the "conditioned reflex" by using sounds like a whistle, a tuning fork and small bells to evoke reactions from his dogs. The sound made by a tiny bell was a signal for the arrival of food and provoked drooling by the  DOG OF PAVLOV.

A modern training method has been developed that proves to be an effective tool of communication between
animals and man. Dolphins, Horses, Bears, Tigers, ...even Fish and Chicken (no joke) and of course our DOGS can be trained with the CLICKER TRAINING METHODE

Thanks to Mrs. Lynn Martin, certified dog Trainer from the Dog Obedience Academy in Lebanon/ Oregon
this training was introduced here in Nepal at the end of 2009. For our SAR dogs this was a great
improvement and they learned a lot of new stuff within a nick.

Our new dogs  had arrived a year before as a gift from German an Dutch people and they were
shipped by our German long standing friend Miss Daniela Neika. Daniela is a SAR Dog Trainer and examiner
& by profession a Vet for small Animals. Daniela Neika is Founder of Rettungshunde fuer Nepal e.V. which
is a registered Charitable Society.

She trains our Juniors in "first aid for dogs" and teaches them how to keep them well fed with
essential food ingredients, dog hygienics, vaccination schedules, wound  dressing, parasitic infections
and the remedies for that etc.

She  conducts training tuition & terminal exams for the dog handlers and their dogs periodically
and monitors their progress. Finally she has the authority to issue certificates to SAR Dog handlers and
SAR Dogs.

Daniela's two friends Mrs. Katrin Kolbe and Dr. Renate Schaal are two other valuable trainers who
came to Nepal to teach obedience, area search, man-trailing technicals and more.
This knowledge is now transferred by Nepalese trainers to the students. There will be much more to learn
from Katrin and Renate in the near future, since they have plans to come again for more new instructions.

Mr. Toni Edelmayr, an Austrian Friend, who is Squad Leader at an Avalanche Dog Squad in Salzburg
in the Alps is preparing a package of High Altitude training for our students. However, in order to conduct
such a training which is planned in front of the Namun La Pass above the
Gurung Village of Siklis
(Annapurna) a lot of equipment and snow gear is needed and that needs to seek funding first

We sincerely hope that more SAR technicians, SAR Dog trainers, dog behaviorists and dog lovers
will find their way to our Academy. Contact us if you are interested to help
our students to become true professional SAR workers.

foreigner examiner                                                     


Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal. Not For Profit that trains young Nepalese to search for missing people.


Gharepatan 17,  Pokhara Nepal
Mobile No: +977 9856025679, +977 9816635127

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