Our Training Program
Our Training Program

Our Training Program

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The training program at our Academy is flexible. This means that when a new Student enrolls, he or she is guided by our advanced Students step by step. This makes them able to catch up with the basic knowledge which the others have mastered already.
A new student is assigned to an existing team of a SAR Dog and its handler. If there are new puppies available at such a moment, then one of them· will directly come under the new students care.
A new student may also bring 
a puppy of his/her own if it has a valid health document;a vaccination passport or a chart from a genuine Vet.

It has to be updated required vaccinations against all common dog disease such as rabies, canine cocktail shot DHPP, and Leptospirosis. 
The puppy has to be in top condition and is not limping etc.

The puppy is introduced at the owners own risk. If it turns out to be unfit for obedience training or lacks interest in working sessions, being too shy or too scared of people and dogs already then do not be sad.
You just
return your puppy back to your home because not every dog is fit for SAR training. You still can stay at the academy and we will do our best to provide you with another puppy as soon as we have had a successful litter.
Trainning ProgramWhat does a dog learn at our Academy?
1) First and most important is that your dog likes to play a lot with people and dogs. By using the puppies playing instinct we start to direct this into games that improve its agility. Also the puppy's readiness to follow orders, basic obedience training commands (all in Nepalese) has to be developed. There is the so called Clicker training, that will be an interesting aid for communicating with animals and teaching your dog all sorts of new tricks and commands.

2) The puppy will be tested for its most suitable job either to become a so called air scenting dog or man-trailer.

We have to establish whether it alerts as a barker or as a recalling dog.
Once the dog has shown its favored way how to trace other people best, more specialized training categories will follow up. The dog and its handler both learn how to search for victims of an avalanche, landslides, mud slides, collapsed houses· (earthquake victim search). An other training is to go after missing people who lost their way in a forest or in the mountains while hiking or portering goods.

3) There will be additional training issues during a period of between 2 and 3 years for those who want to do more than receiving a dog handlers certificate.
Internal and external training courses with other Organizations in Nepal and with 
trainers from abroad will be arranged. The students need rock climbing instructors training for a certificate of any Mountaineering Association, mountain guide certificate, out door first aid worker or Red Cross volunteer training certificate, basic knowledge of emergency medical treatment and emergency medicine for humans and for dogs.
Medical Kit4) Technical knowledge is required such as electric wiring, car mechanics, fire extinguishing technology, theoretic of forest fire fighting, driving license for jeep, trucks and buses, even caterpillar operating for some of the students. 
Communication tools and GPS reading, map reading for remote areas etc.
All training will increase gradually 
according to ones interest and abilities until we are sure that a student has passed all test of all the courses he/she has chosen.
Only then we will certify that he/she is a full blown SAR worker with as much as possible multiple skills 
in the field of Search And Rescue. (SAR)

The entire training program will be flexible enough for every student and the students decide themselves which courses they would like to add to their SAR dog handlers training.

We consider every student a potential future staff
member of SARDOGS Nepal Search and Rescue Units.

Some of the students may take other jobs with their new gained knowledge in their Private or Government Sector, 
Companies, NGO's or Industrial Enterprises but remain SAR Academy Volunteer members. They should be ready to come together during a major national disaster.

We want to have a larger Unit of permanent employees coming
out of this training as professional Stand By SAR workers of SARDOGS NEPAL. These staff members will be appointed by our board of Directors in due time.

Let us join hands to make SARDOGS Nepal a successful new Organization for Disaster preparedness, response and mitigation. Co-Operation with Nepalese NGO's and Aid Organizations who have an interest in Disaster Mitigation is warmly welcome. Their staff may attend any of our training sessions as guest students or guest teachers.
We also would be very much interested in sending out our students to any such organization in order to follow their training courses. Terms and conditions can be worked out to mutual benefit.


Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal. Not For Profit that trains young Nepalese to search for missing people.


Gharepatan 17,  Pokhara Nepal
Mobile No: +977 9856025679, +977 9816635127

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