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SAR DOG Academy Students Ambar Magar

ambar magarAmbar will be fully introduced at the page  OUR  ACADEMY  along with our other students.

He had to join the founders list of SARDOGS NEPAL due to the requirements that are laid down in the Nepal Company Act of the Department of Industry tat requires 5 founding members for a so called Not For Profit Company ( Private NFP)

which states:

Five Promoters shall be the board members and the executive directors of the company.

Schedule 12

(Relating to Sub-section (6) of  Section 18)

Incorporated under Company Act, 2063

Memorandum of Association Of Search & Rescue Dog Handler’s Academy Non-Profit Distributing Company

If you are interested to get the full text of this Articles of Association then send us your request by e-mail in our CONTACT  page.

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